WKYC 2011 - Future of Large Scale Structure Formation

June 27th - July 1st (KIAS rm 1114)

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Designed by Soo Yeon Jeong

Purpose of meeting

The next generation of cosmological observations will be launched to scan inhomogeneity at large scales, such as SDSS3, DES, EUCLID and LSST. These experiments be optimally designed to answer the question whether our understanding of nature on the earth is universal or not. We plan to discuss signatures of our fundamental knowledge of physics imprinted on large scale structure formation of the Universe, different approaches to falsify either dark materials or violation of fundamental laws, and computational and observational techniques to extract physical knowledge from raw data. We are at a critical moment of understanding of Nature, and we need inter-communicating leadership between theoretical knowledge and observational techniques. We will discuss issues to develope research to meet such a need.

Science Advisory Committee

Changbom Park, Jai-chan Hwang

Invited Speakers

AHN Kyung-Jin, CHOI Ki-Young, CHUN Eung-Jin, GONG Jinn-Ouk, JEONG Donghui, KIM Juhan, KOH Seoktae, KOMATSU Eiichiro, NAKAJIMA Reiko, LEE Seok Cheon, PARK Chan-Gyung, SASAKI Misao, SELJAK Uros, SEO Hee Jong, TARUYA Atsushi, YOO Jaiyul


List of participants


Photos from Takahiro, and photos from Reiko, and photos from Jinn-Ouk.


June 27th: Science case for wide deep field survey

Morning Session - Chaired by Changbom Park

09:00-09:45: Registration and Breakfast

09:45-10:00: Chung Wook Kim "Opening Remark"

10:00-11:00: Uros Seljak "Large scale structure of the universe: weak lensing versus galaxy clustering"

11:00-11:15: Coffee break

11:15-12:15: Misao Sasaki "Non-Gaussianity from inflation"

12:30-14:00: Lunch (provided for registered participants)

Afternoon Session I - Chaired by Jai-chan Hwang

14:00-15:00: Atsushi Taruya "Precision cosmology from redshift-space galaxy clustering"

15:00-16:00: Eiichiro Komatsu "Cosmology with Large-scale Structure of the Universe"

Afternoon Session II - Chaired by Jai-chan Hwang

16:00-16:30: Coffee break

16:30-17:30: One Page Slide Talks (5 min each) about "Cosmology with Large-scale Structure of the Universe"

Submission - one page PDF file slide submitted to Chan-Gyung Park (park.chan.gyung at

A collection of one page slides click

AHN Kyung-Jin, GONG Jinn-Ouk, JEONG Donghui, KIM Chung Wook, LEE Seok Cheon, NAKAJIMA Reiko, PARK Chan-Gyung, SEO Hee Jong, YOO Jaiyul, SONG Yong Seon

Evening Session at King Sejong Memorial Center from 17:50 pm - For all registered participants

18:00 - 18:30: Wine tasting and touring museum of King Sejong

18:25 - 18:30: Photo Session

18:30 - 19:00: Opening Speeches

19:00 - 21:00: Conference Banquet

June 28th: Cosmological perturbations and N-body simulation

Leaders: Juhan Kim, Jaiyul Yoo, Seok-Cheon Lee

Morning Session - Chaired by Gungwon Kang

09:30-10:00: Breakfast

10:00-10:40: Jaiyul Yoo "New perspective on galaxy clustering and cosmology: general relativistic effects"

10:40-11:20: Juhan Kim "A New Massive Cosmological Hydrodynamic Simulation for the Galaxy Formation Study"

11:20-11:40: Coffee break

11:40-12:20: Seok-Cheon Lee "Probing modified gravity : parametric method on both geomteric and dynamical observables"

12:30-14:00: Lunch (provided for registered participants)

Afternoon Session I - Special Lectures chaired by Gungwon Kang

14:00-15:00: Eung-Jin Chun "Dark matter and baryon asymmetry"

15:00-15:30: Jai-chan Hwang "Weakly nonlinear fully relativistic vs. weakly relativistic fully nonlinear approaches in cosmology"

Afternoon Session II - Round table discussion about detecting GR effects and its applications chaired by Jaiyul Yoo

15:30-16:00: Coffee Break

16:00-16:45: Discussion led by Jaiyul Yoo

Afternoon Session III - Round table discussion about Modified Gravity chaired by Seok-Cheon Lee

16:45-17:30: Issues on Modified Gravity led by Seok-Cheon Lee

June 29th: Statistical optimization of redshift survey

Leaders: Hee-Jong Seo, Yong-Seon Song

Morning Session - Chaired by Hyung Mok Lee

09:30-10:00: Breakfast

10:00-10:40: Hee-Jong Seo "BAO constraints from SDSS III imaging survey"

10:40-11:20: Yong-Seon Song "Measuring coherent motions from redshift distortion"

11:20-11:40: Coffee break

11:40-12:20: Reiko Nakajima "Photometric redshift requirements in galaxy-galaxy weak gravitational lensing"

12:30-14:00: Lunch (provided for registered participants)

Afternoon Session - Chaired by Hee-Jong Seo

14:00-15:00: Round table discussion about Statistical optimization of redshift survey; BAO, coherent motions, number counting, topology and synergy effect with WL

14:00-14:10: Hee Jong Seo & Yong-Seon Song "Coherent Combination of BAO and peculiar velocity"

14:10-14:35: Issha Kayo "Wide Angle Survey"

14:35-15:00: Teppei Okumura "Halo mass binning "

15:00-15:30: Coffee Break

15:30-16:30: Panel leading discussion about Higher order statistics and non-Gaussianity

15:30-16:00: Takahiro Nishimichi "Effect of multi-field non-Gaussianities on the large-scale structure"

16:00-16:30: Discussion paneled by Dong-Hui Jeong and Takahiro Nishimichi

16:30-17:30: Panel leading discussion "Structure formation at higher redshift"

16:30-17:00: Kyung-Jin Ahn "Probing Population III stars and Constraining Reionization History by the Planck Observation on CMB Polarization"

17:00-17:30: Discussion paneled by Kyung-Jin Ahn

June 30th: Theoretical and phenomenological approaches to initial conditions

Leaders: Seoktae Koh, Jinn-Ouk Gong, Donghui Jeong

Morning Session - Chaired by Soonkeon Nam

09:30-10:00: Breakfast

10:00-10:40: Jinn-Ouk Gong "Multi-field inflation: formulation, effective theory and phenomenology"

10:40-11:20: Donghui Jeong "Probing Initial Condition with the Large Scale Structure of the Universe"

11:20-11:40: Coffee break

11:40-12:20: Ki-Young Choi "The origin of dark matter"

12:30-14:00: Lunch (provided for registered participants)

Afternoon Session I - Structure formation and astrophysics with dark matter Chaired by Stefano Scopel

14:00-14:20: Jong-Chul Park "Hint of dark matter mass from dark matter searches?"

14:20-15:00: Discussion

Afternoon Session II - Cosmological topics of early universe Chaired by Seok Tae Koh

15:00-15:30: Coffee Break

15:30-16:00: Wan Il Park "Thermal inflation and cosmology"

16:00-16:30: Fred Arroja "On the role of the boundary interactions for the non-Gaussianity"

16:30-17:00: Arman Shafieloo "Model independent test of the standard cosmological model using BAO data"

July 1st: Experimental design and data mining

Leaders: Chan-Gyung Park

Morning Session - Chaired by Yong-Seon Song

09:30-10:20: Chan-Gyung Park "Exploring parameter constraints on dark energy models"

10:20-10:40: Misao Sasaki "Closing Remark"

10:40-11:00: Brunch

Afternoon - organized by Wan-Il Park, excursion to mountain "Bukhansanseong" pictures by Reiko.

Local Committee

Yong-Seon Song, Seoktae Koh, Juhan Kim, Wan-Il Park, Jong-Chul Park, Jinn-Ouk Gong

Place and Contact

Korea Institute for Advanced Study , Contact: Yong-Seon Song (ysong at