Stretching biomolecules

RNA & Protein folding

Molecular Motors

Single molecule force spectroscopy

Deciphering the energy landscape of biomolecules

Polymer Physics


Biological systems are maintained through numerous interactions spanning broad spectrum of time and length scales. Exploring biological systems at different scales with theoretical/computational tools we try to learn how unique properties of biological system emerge from individual processes. Our primary research interest ranges from the self-assembly, mechanical responses of biopolymers (DNA, RNA, and proteins) at the single molecule level to the interactions among these molecules. Together with the current approach, further studies toward understanding biological phenomena at the systems level will be a long term research plan of our group.

Contact Information : Changbong Hyeon, Professor, School of Computational Sciences, Korea Institute for Advanced Study 130-722, Republic of Korea
+82-2-958-3810 (tel)

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