Seung-Jo Jung
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  KIAS Algebraic Geometry Seminar
  Strawberry seminar

  Categorical Methods in Algebraic Geometry and Mirror Symmetry, 28-30 Mar 2016
  Winter School on K3 Surfaces, 1-5 February 2016
  Aftershool on MMP, 27-29 April 2015
  Workshop on Algebraic Geometry and Physics, 3-4 April 2015
WAGs Seminars:
  T3+1 seminar, 7 March 2014
  Junior algebraic geometers meeting in Warwick, 17 July 2013
  2nd WAGs learning seminar on birational geometry, 23-24 July 2012
  WAGs learning seminar on birational geometry, 9 March 2012
Old Seminars:
  Sgt.Paper's lonely reading club
  Hodge Theory
  Geometric Invariant Theory
  Hilbert Schemes
  Le Theoreme de Riemann-Roch
  Abelian Varieties
Updated: 22 APR 2016