Mini workshop on
Symmetric functions in Combinatorics and
Representation Theory
with intensive lecture on Macdonald Polynomials 2013. 5. 14 - 2013. 5. 15 / KIAS Seminar Room 1424

Speakers :

  • Kwon, Jae-Hoon (Sungkyunkwan University)

    "Super duality and crystal bases"

  • Kim, Myungho (KIAS)

    "Symmetric quiver Hecke algebras and $R$-matrices"

  • Park, Euiyong (University of Seoul)

    "Representation type of finite quiver Hecke algebras"

  • Cho, Soojin (Ajou University)

    "A Shifted Littlewood-Richardson Rule"

  • Jonathan Axtell (Seoul National University)

    "Super Schur Functors"

  • Yoo, Hwanchul (KIAS)

    "Diagram Specht Modules, Symmetric Functions, and Matching Ensemble Polytopes"

    Intensive Lecture on Macdonald Polynomials :

    Jim Haglund (University of Pennsylvania)

  • Lecture 1 : "The Combinatorics of Macdonald Polynomials and Related Symmetric Functions"

  • Lecture 2: "The Combinatorics of the Space of Diagonal Harmonics"