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March 7 (Thu), 2024, 16:00--17:00, Room 8101

Title: Representation numbers of Bell-type quadratic forms

Speaker: Yeongwook Kwon (UNIST)

Abstract: In 1834, Jacobi proved his four-square theorem. The sum of four squares can be viewed as an example of the so-called Bell-type quadratic forms, and the representation number of Bell-type quadratic forms were studied by several authors. However, most preceding results only dealt with Bell-type forms of class number 1. In this talk, we derive a closed formula for the representation numbers of each Bell-type quadratic form of class number less than or equal to 2. This is joint work with Chang Heon Kim, Kyoungmin Kim and Soonhak Kwon.

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The first number theory seminar started March 10th, 2005 and it became a regular seminar since then. For more information on the early history of the number theory seminar, see the article (by Soon-Yi Kang in KIAS News Letter, Fall 2005) and the following archive files.

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