KIAS Number Theory Seminar

Big Heegner points and Heegner cycles

Kazuto Ota (Keio University)

March 28 (Tue), 2019, 4pm-6pm, Room 1424

Abstract: The Big Heegner point, constructed by Howard, is a deformation of the Heegner point for the Galois representation attached to a Hida family. Castella showed that it interpolates Heegner cycles (higher weight-analogues of the Heegner point) attached to newforms arising from the Hida family, by using p-adic local methods such as Bloch-Kato logarithms. In this talk, we explain a slight refinement of his result by a different approach, which is global and more geometric.

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    The first number theory seminar started March 10th, 2005 and it became a regular seminar since then. For more information on the early history of the number theory seminar, see the article (by Soon-Yi Kang in KIAS News Letter, Fall 2005) and the following archive files.

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