Korea institute for advanced study: seminar & journal club arxiv

This journal club takes place on weekly basis to follow up recent breakthrough in condensed matter physics. Participants are mostly people in KIAS. We are also very interested in having external speakers on grad and postdoc level. Please contact kkim@kias.re.kr if you would like to be our speaker. webmaster: Kun Woo Kim


07/13/2018. Speaker: Jaeho Han (Postech). Kitaev quantum spin liquid and beyond: Majorana fermions and criticality.
07/06/2018. Speaker: Ki Hoon Lee (SNU IBS). Magnon band topology in a honeycomb lattice.
06/29/2018. Speaker: Ken-Ichiro Imura (Hirosima). Higher-order topological insulators and protected corner states.
06/22/2018. Speaker: Jun Won Rhim (SNU IBS). Band Touching Points Protected by the Band Flatness.
06/15/2018. Speaker: Young Woo Son (KIAS). Electronic structures of quasicrsytals.
06/08/2018. (Workshop on topology and correlation at KIAS)
06/01/2018. Speaker: Kun Woo Kim (KIAS). Disordered Floquet topological insulators.

No talks were scheduled between April 2017 - April 2018 due to my research visit at the institute of theoretical physics in Cologne.


01/06/2017. Speaker: Byungmin Kang (UC Berkeley). Dynamical Confinement-Deconfinement Transitions in Many-body Localized Topological Phases.

12/30/2016. Speaker: Mehdi Biderang (APCTP). Mixed singlet-triplet and possible topological superconductivity in hole doped Sr2IrO4.
12/02/2016. Speaker: Ali G. Moghaddam (Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences, Iran). Spintronics in graphene and two-dimensional systems.
11/04/2016. Speaker: Gil Young Cho (KAIST). Information of this talk is not public. please email me for details.
09/30/2016. Speaker: Rajesh Narayanan (IIT Madras). Layering a "Quantum Griffiths" Phase in a classical model.

09/02/2016. Recent progress in condensed matter theory (Link).

07/22/2016. Speaker: Gil Young Cho (KAIST). Recent progresses on Dualities developed by Seiberg et.al.
06/17/2016. Speaker: Chang Suk Noh (KIAS). Few photon transport in waveguide-QED. (Link).
06/03/2016. Speaker: Ho-Joon Kim (KIAS). Symmetry-protected topological phases of 1d bosonic spin lattices
05/27/2016. Speaker: Kun Woo Kim (KIAS). Construction of boundary states from vanishing boundary condition.
05/19/2016. Speaker: Byungmin Kang (UC Berkeley). Universal crossover in non-ergodic phase with quantum criticality.(Link).
05/13/2016. Speaker: Jong Soo Lim (KIAS). Cotunneling drag effect in Coulomb-coupled quantum dots. (Link).

04/15/2016. Recent progress in condensed matter theory (Link).

03/08/2016. Speaker: Yun-Tak Oh (SKKU). Adiabatic Green's function technique and the transient behavior in time-dependent fermion-boson coupled models. (Link).
03/03/2016. Speaker: Minu Kim (SNU). Suppression of Three-Dimensional Charge Density Wave Ordering via Thickness Control.
02/26/2016. Speaker: Luca Celardo (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore). Cooperative effects in quantum transport: Cooperative Shielding. (Link).
02/15/2016. Speaker: Myung-Joong Hwang (Universitat Ulm). Quantum Phase Transition and Universal Dynamics in the Rabi model. (Link).
02/05/2016. Speaker: Duk-Hyun Choe (KAIST). Understanding structural and topological phases in transition metal dichalcogenides. (Link).
01/26/2016. Speaker: Panjin Kim (SKKU). Entanglement spectra of SU(N) critical spin chains with open boundaries. (Link).
01/22/2016. Speaker: Gil Young Cho (KAIST). Topological FFLO states in doped Weyl semimetals and strongly-correlated one-dimensional electronic systems.
01/19/2016. Speaker: Kimyeong Lee (KIAS). Chern-Simons Theory acts on Condensed Matter Physics.
01/05/2016. Speaker: Isaac H. Kim (Perimeter). Localization from superselection rules in translation invariant systems. (Link).

12/15/2015. Speaker: Min Seok Jang (SNU). Low Dimensional Active Plasmonics and Electron Optics in Graphene.
12/10/2015. Speaker: Dong Hee Kim (GIST). Studying exotic fermion pairing in ultracold quantum gases.
11/19/2015. Speaker: YoungKuk Kim (Univ. of Pennsylvania). Topological Dirac line nodes in centrosymmetric semimetals. (Link).
11/12/2015. Speaker: Jung Hoon Han (SKKU). Anomalous Hall effect induced in Weyl semimetal by circularly polarized light. (Link).
11/05/2015. Speaker: Sun-Woo Kim (Hanyang Univ.). Nature of the Insulating Ground State in 5d Post-Perovskite CaIrO3. (Link).
10/15/2015. Speaker: Hyeonyong Lee (SKKU). Featureless quantum insulator on the honeycomb lattice.
10/01/2015. Speaker: Kun Woo Kim (KIAS). Weyl semimetal Fermi arc and its characterization in bulk 2.
09/24/2015. Speaker: Kun Woo Kim (KIAS). Weyl semimetal Fermi arc and its characterization in bulk.
09/17/2015. Speaker: Young Woo Son (KIAS). Charge Density Waves, Mott Insulating and Superconducting States in 2D TMDCs.
09/10/2015. Speaker: Woo Ram Lee (KIAS). Fundamental connection between band topology and the winding number of the Wannier-Stark ladder, and its spectroscopic manifestation.
09/04/2015. Speaker: Gil Young Cho (KAIST). Novel Quantum Criticality in Two Dimensional Topological Phase transitions.
08/26/2015. Speaker: Seongjin Ahn (SNU). Plasmon-phonon coupling, stacking identification of multilayer graphene by sSNOM, and plasmons for a 3D chiral electron-hole gapless system.
08/19/2015. Speaker: Youngsoon Kim (SNU). Stable Hydrated Protons Formed on Pt(111) Coadsorbed with Hydrogen and Water.(Link).
08/05/2015. Speaker: Ki Hoon Lee (SNU). Topological Kondo Insulator SmB6 : Confusions and Conundrums.
07/22/2015. Speaker: Jun Won Rhim (KIAS). Cyclotron motions in exotic semi-metals.(Link).
07/15/2015. Speaker: Hyun-Jung Kim (Hanyang Univ.). Giant Rashba type Spin Splitting in 1-D Bi Chains on GaAs(110).(Link).
07/09/2015. Speaker: Jae Gon Um (KIAS). Total cost of operating an information engine.
06/24/2015. Speaker: Jong Yeon Lee (Caltech). Monte Carlo study of phase transitions out of Symmetry-Enriched Topological phases of bosons in two dimensions.
06/17/2015. Speaker: Suk Hyun Kim (Columbia). Optical properties of atomically thin layered TMDC (Transition Metal DiChalcogenide).
06/10/2015. Speaker: Junhyun Lee (Harvard). Wess-Zumino-Witten terms in graphene Landau levels.(Link).
06/05/2015. Speaker: Bom Soo Kim (Univ. of Kentucky). Skyrmion charge, Ward identity and Hall transport.
05/29/2015. Speaker: Woo Sung Jong (KIAS). Vortex Dynamics in a Spin-Orbit Coupled Bose-Einstein Condensate (Link).
05/22/2015. Speaker: Gil Young Cho (KAIST). Geometry of Fractional Quantum Hall states 2 (Link).
05/15/2015. Speaker: Hyun Jeong Lee (KAIST). Temperature evolution of spectral density in the doped Kondo lattices - DMFT study.
05/06/2015. Speaker: Jun-Ho Lee (KIAS). Magnetically induced insulating ground state in triangular lattice on semiconductor surfaces and iridates.
04/17/2015. Speaker: Gil Young Cho (KAIST). Geometry of Fractional Quantum Hall states 1 (Link).
04/08/2015. Speaker: JongSoo Lim (KIAS). Shiba states in a hybrid normal-superconductor junction.
04/01/2015. Speaker: Hyeonjoon Shin (KIAS). Holographic approach to condensed matter physics.
03/25/2015. Speaker: Jaeyoon Cho (KIAS). Entanglement area law 2.
03/18/2015. Speaker: Younghyun Kim (UCSB). Topological Superconductivity in Magnetic Atom Chains.
02/26/2015. Speaker: Kil Byung Chai (Caltech). Water-ice dusty plasma and MHD-driven jet experimenet.
02/17/2015. Speaker: Jun Won Rhim (KIAS). Emergence of frustrated antiferromagnet in the lowest Landau level.
01/27/2015. Speaker: Yea-Lee Lee (SNU). Manifestation of axion electrodynamics through magnetic ordering on edges of topological insulator (Link).
01/20/2015. Speaker: Jaeyoon Cho (KIAS). Entanglement Area Law 1 (There will be a following talk later).
01/13/2015. Speaker: Soonwon Choi (Havard). Interacting photons in Rydberg EIT medium (EIT: Electromagnetically induced transparency).
01/06/2015. Speaker: Isaac H. Kim (Perimeter). Many-body localization.
12/30/2014. Speaker: Jinwoong Cha (ETH Zurich). Soliton and non-linear physics.
12/19/2014. Speaker: Jae-Seung Jeong (KIAS). Composite fermions and a Wigner crystal (Link).