Wells Hall in MSU, where I've taught various math courses.  

Primary Instructor at Michigan State University

2013SpringMTH124.038 Survey of Calculus I  
2012SummerMTH133.102 Calculus II  
SpringMTH124.033 Survey of Calculus I  
2011FallMTH124.021, 049 Survey of Calculus I
SummerMTH110.201 Finite Mathematics and Elements of College Algebra
SpringMTH124.008 Survey of Calculus I
2010FallMTH124.008 Survey of Calculus I
SummerMTH103.101 College Algebra
2009FallMTH103.022, 050 College Algebra
SpringMTH103.015 College Algebra
2008FallMTH103.041, 043 College Algebra

Recitation TA at Michigan State University

2013FallMTH234.008 Multivariable Calculus
2010SpringMTH103 College Algebra (3 sections)
2008SpringMTH133.008 Multivariable Calculus

Recitation TA at Seoul National University

2007Spring Calculus II
2006Fall Calculus I

Grading TA at Michigan State University

2007FallMTH481Discrete Mathematics I

Grading TA at Seoul National University

2006Spring Calculus for Humanities and Social Sciences I