Joonwoo Bae
Research Interest: Quantum Information Theory and its Applications [Link to open problems]

Contact Information

E: bae.joonwoo"at"gmail"dot"com

was a research fellow at the Korea Institute for Advanced Study (KIAS) from 2007 to 2011, working in Quantum Information Theory . He obtained PhD in physics from the Departament d'Estructura i Constituents de la Materia (ECM) at University of Barcelona in 2007, while preparing his thesis work entitled Entanglement and Quantum Cryptography at the Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO).

Selected List of Publications

[1] J Bae, W-Y Hwang and Y-D Han, No-Signaling Principle Can Determine Optimal Quantum State Discrimination, Physical Review Letters 107 170403 (2011)
[2] H-T Lim, Y-S Kim, Y-S Ra, J Bae and Y-H Kim, Experimental Realizations of approximate Transpose and Partial Transpose, Physical Review Letters 107 160401 (2011) ; Physical Review A 83 020301(R) (2010)
[3] J Bae, Secret key distillation from shielded two-qubit states, Physical Review A 81 052320 (2010)
[4] J Bae, M Tiersch, S Sauer, F. de Melo, F Mintert, B. Hiesmayr, and A Buchleitner, Detection and typicality of bound entangled states, Physical Review A 80 022317 (2009)
[5] J Bae, T Cubitt, and A Acin, Nonsecret correlations can be used to distribute secrecy, Physical Review A 79 032304  (2009)
[6] J K Korbicz, M L Almeida, J Bae, M. Lewenstein, and A Acin, Structural approximations to positive maps and entanglement breaking channels, Physical Review A 78 062105 (2008)
[7] J Bae and A Acin, Key distillation from quantum channels using two-way communication protocols, Physical Review A 75 012334 (2007)
[8] J Bae and A Acin, Asymptotic Quantum Cloning Is State Estimation, Physical Review Letters 97 030402 (2006)
[9] M Navascues, J Bae, J I Cirac, M Lewenstein, A Sanpera, and A Acin, Quantum Key Distillation from Gaussian States by Gaussian Operations, Physical Review Letters 94 010502 (2005)

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