* Overseas participants will stay at either Holiday Inn Seongbuk or KIAS apartment.
* Domestic participants who want to stay at Whikyung Co-op residence should directly contact the residence. Mention "KIAS special rate".
* Check the map.

Holiday Inn Seongbuk
Please note that the special KIAS rate is 121,000 KRW/day (including tax and service charges) for one person. +10,000 KRW for one extra person. +36,300 KRW for two extra persons (roller bed).
Tel: 82 2 929 2000, Fax: 82 2 929 0204

KIAS apartment
(Space is limited and thus avaliable only for speakers assigned by local organizers.)
You can pick up the room key directly from the mailbox, which is on the first floor upon your arrival.

Whikyung-dong Co-op residence
Recommended for domestic participants. Tricky to locate, but the rate is lower (\45,000) and is in the walking distance. (N.B. Reservation cannot be cancelled.)



The accessible airports are Inchon International Airport and Gimpo International Airport.

For those who are arriving at Inchon International Airport, we recommend the option 1 (bus #602 to Cheongryangni/taxi). If you stay at Holiday Inn Seongbuk, you should take the limousine bus which stops at the hotel. 

For those who are arriving at Gimpo International Airport, we recommend to take the subway and trasfer to taxi at the Cheongryangni station.


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