This workshop is co-organized by APCTP, KIAS and DMRC (see , and for more information about these institutions). The aim is to bring the experts in the field of dark matter and related topics to discuss on the latest theoretical and experimental advances (both in particle physics and astrophysics).

For those who are interested, after the meeting we plan to have a 2 days excursion trip to Yangyang, a small town in the east coast of Korea. There is an underground laboratory where the KIMS group is searching for WIMP signal. The laboratory is located in the tunnel of Yangyang pumped storage power plant. After the trip to the KIMS lab, we plan to explore the nearby Mt. Sorak area, which is a very famous place with beautiful landscape.

The topics of the workshop include

Direct detection of dark matter

Indirect detection of dark matter

Astrophysical analyses of galactic halos (including the milky way)

Neutralino dark matter

Other candidates (axions, gravitino, Kaluza-Klein, superheavy, Q-ball, etc.)

Nonstandard Cosmology

Dark energy

Ultra high energy cosmic rays

Gamma ray bursts

Status of neutrino physics


Invited Speakers (* : To be confirmed)

O. Bertolami (Lisbon, Portugal)
D.G. Cerdeno (Durham, U.K.)
D. Chung (Wisconsin, U.S.A.)
P. Fayet (CNRS, France)
K. Fushimi (Tokushima, Japan)
A. Green (Sheffield, U.K.)
I. Irastorza (CEA/Saclay, France)
C.W. Kim (Johns Hopkins, U.S.A.)
G.N. Kim (Kyungpook, Korea)
H.B. Kim (Hanyang, Korea)
Y.D. Kim (Sejong, Korea)
Y.G. Kim (Korea, Korea)
A. Kusenko (UCLA, U.S.A.)
J.W. Kwak (Seoul, Korea)
H.K. Lee (Hanyang, Korea)
J.H. Lee (KIAS, Korea)
Y. Mambrini (DESY, Germany)
S. Matsumoto (Tokyo, Japan)
K. Olive (Minnesota, U.S.A.)
C.B. Park (KIAS, Korea)
I. Park (Ewha, Korea)
D. Puetzfeld (Iowa, U.S.A.)
D.P. Roy (Tata Inst., India)
S. Scopel (KIAS, Korea)
S.-H. Seo (Penn State, U.S.A.)
T. Totani (Kyoto, Japan)
H. Wong (AS, Taiwan)
J. Yoo (FNAL, U.S.A.)


Local Organizing Committee

   Hong Joo Kim Kyungpook National University
   Sun Kee Kim Seoul National University

Yeong Gyun Kim

Korea University

   Young Duk Kim Sejong University

Pyungwon Ko


   Carlos Munoz KAIST and UAM


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