At the conference site, please pay registration fee with cash, if you did not already.


Registration Fee

Please follow the step 1 and 2 to register AQIS'11.


(Nonkorean participant Registration)

STEP 1. Please submit your information at the online registration page below. You will see "Saved successfully" message, if everything is ok.

Online registration page

STEP 2. Please check your participant ID at the site below. Please avoid multiple submissions. If you cannot find your name even after 30 minutes, please submit again. If the problem still persists, please email us.


STEP 3. You are requested to pay appropriate registration fee with one of three methods below using the participant ID obtained in step 2. It is important to type correct information.

Credit card payment page

 (Method 2)  Direct transfer to our bank account:

In this case, please transfer money at your bank using the following bank account. Please indicate your information during the remittance using "your last name+participant id" like Kim1234. Kindly note that bank charges are quite often covered by remitter.

         Please email us after sending money for confirmation.


This page shows the Successful card payment results up to (AUG 10).


(Korean participant Registration)



    If you want to attend the satellite workshop(Aug. 29-30) in Seoul, please send an email to individually.  There is no Registration Fee for the satellite workshop.

    For more information, please visit the workshop page.