At the conference site, please pay registration fee with cash, if you did not already.


Registration Fee

* You can pay only with CASH at the conference site.

* Regular and student registration fees include Banquet.

* All participants including Oral/Poster presenters should register and pay the registration fee.

* Invited speakers/tutorial lecturers, Chairs, and program committee are supposed to register like others but they are exempt from the registration fee. (i.e.,  No Step 3 needed )

* There will be limited scholarship for students who submit a recommendation letter & short CV including publications and pass a selection process.

* Early registration fee will be applied only when you pay it before August 5. Later you should pay the late registration fee.

Please follow the step 1 and 2 to register AQIS'08.

STEP 1. Please submit your information at the online registration page below. You will see "Saved successfully" message, if every thing is ok.

Online registration page

STEP 2. Please check  your participant ID at the site below.  Please avoid  multiple submissions. If  you cannot find your name even after 30 minutes, please submit again. If the problem still persists, please email us.


STEP 3. You are requested to pay appropriate registration fee with one of three methods below using the participant ID obtained in step 2. It is important to type correct information.

Method 1). On-line credit card payment:

This is the fastest and safest way. Unfortunately, some information of the card payment system is written in Korean, and it only works on windows XP with activeX. If  you follow this   guide before you enter the payment page, you may easily pay the fee.

 Credit card payment page


Method 2). If you donít want the method 1, please Fax or email us your credit card information or copy of the card. Then we will do it manually for you. (It works only for foreign card)

               Fax: +82-2-958-3820, Email:  

              Your exact name on the card, credit card number, expiration date:( month and year), participants ID from step 2,

            amount of money,  e-mail address (important).


     Method 3). Direct transfer to our bank account.

     In this case, please  transfer money  at your bank using the following bank account. Please indicate your information during the remittance using  "your last name+participant id" like Kim1234. Kindly note that bank charges are quite often covered by remitter.  


 Bank : Wooribank
   Bank Address: 39-2 Hawolgok - dong, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul
Beneficiary: KIAS : Korea Institute for Advanced Study
Beneficiary's Address: 207-43 Cheongnyangni 2-dong, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul
   Account : 014-217484-03-501
    SWIFT-Code: HVBKKRSE254 

Please email us after sending money for confirmation.



This page shows the Successful card payment results up to (AUG 7)

* if you payed using card but your name is not shown in the list, please email us

* Bank transfer results are not shown.