Presentation Guide




l  Tutorials,

l  Keynote & invited talks

l  Long talks

l  Parallel session A

International conference hall

l  Parallel session B




l Poster session

l Reception

Instructions for Oral Presentation


         An LCD projector (NEC MT1065 or EPSON EMP-8300)

o    Resolution 1024 x 768 is available.

         Overhead projector is not available (Please inform us, if you need one.)

         A notebook (SONY VGN FE18LP) or PC with windows XP, Office 2007 and Acrobat reader 7 (Korean)

o    We recommend to use your own PC because some characters might be garbled

o    We strongly recommend you to check the compatibility of your notebook or file with our system during coffee breaks or lunch.

o    If you want to use our notebook for your presentation and check fonts, please email us ( ) your PPT file or PDF file (PDF preferable).

We will confirm the test result soon. Even in this case please carry your own copy of the file using, for example, a usb memory.

         A white or black board is available only for Tutorials.

Time Allocation

         Invited talk: 45 min. (presentation: 35min. + discussion: 10 min.)

         Long talk: 30min. (presentation: 25 min. + discussion: 5 min.)

         Short talk: 20min. (presentation: 15 min. + discussion: 5 min.)

         Our staff will take photos and videos of speakers. If this makes problems for you, please contact the reception desk or our staff.

Instructions for Poster Presentation

         Posters are assigned consecutive numbers from 1 to 43.

         The scheduled time for the poster sessions:

o    SessionA: Aug. 27th. 16:30 - 18:10 (poster numbers from 1 to 21 )

o    SessionB: Aug. 28th. 16:30 - 18:10 ( poster numbers 22 from to 43 )

         Place: At the lobby of the building 1.

         Panel size: 1200mm(vertical) x 900mm(horizontal)  (About A0 size). We also use the wall of the lobby.

         You can set up your poster from 12:00 for each session.

         You should remove your poster by 19:00 . Otherwise, your poster will be removed by our staff.

         Selected student posters will be awarded at the closing (AUG 30)


In Korea we use 220V, 60 Hz electricity and European-like (with pins are sligthly thicker and no "earth" pin) power plug